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Top 10 Affordable and Best Moving Companies In Kelowna, British Columbia

As humans it is in our nature to always seek out new adventures and explore new places because it helps us experience life from a different perspective than the one we were used to.

And relocating to a new place with your family is, by far, one of the biggest moments in our lives that opens the door for us to explore more aspects of life and see new places outside our immediate environment.

Moving to a new place means new opportunities to create connections, you’ll get to meet new people with different life philosophies, and ultimately learn new things that you previously didn’t know about. And that’s why we have moving companies all over the world trying to give customers the best possible moving experience because they also understand that there’s a special experience that comes with relocating to a new home, office, or country.

In this article, you’ll discover the top 10 most affordable and reliable moving companies in Kelowna, BC. This list will help you to significantly cut the time it would’ve otherwise taken you to do the research all by yourself.

So that means you can go straight to your move hassle-free without any doubts since all the movers on this list are certified, licensed, insured, and capable of delivering nothing but the best. And yes! We made sure of that by carefully reviewing every single one of them.

You will also see some customer reviews which just goes to add to the credibility and reputation of each moving company on this list and why they are the most affordable, best, and finest movers in Kelowna, British Columbia you can ever ask for.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in! First things first, let’s consider the most important factor you must deal with first in every move before any other thing- price.

How Much Do Movers Cost In Kelowna

The amount it will cost you to hire a mover in Kelowna varies across individual moving companies and according to your specific needs. However, a general estimate should be able to give you an idea of what to budget and how to negotiate with any mover you eventually decide to go with.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the cost for every move will depend on a number of factors such as the scope of the project, the distance to be covered, and the items to be transported. Although, most local movers bill you by the hour while long-distance movers usually follow a flat-rate payment option.

That said, these are rough estimates that should be able to give you a glimpse of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Type of expense

Estimated rates

2 Movers and moving truck

$159 per hour

3 movers and moving truck

$199 per hour

4 movers and moving truck

$259 per hour

Tow & stow



The Best and Most Affordable Movers In Kelowna

The following movers you will soon see in this article are Kelowna’s best and most affordable moving companies you can ever find. And yes, they are licensed and insured so be rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable and credible mover that wants nothing but to see you satisfied.

Note: These movers are listed in no particular order since all of them are unique and outstanding in their own ways.

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1. Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage

SERVICESResidential move (local & long-distance), Office relocation, commercial removals, across-country move, provincial relocation, packing supplies, storage solution, last-minute relocations
ADDRESSSouth Kelowna, BC V1W 4B1, Canada

Phone: +1 855-554-5542



Monday to Friday: 7: 30 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm

If you are searching for a trustworthy Kelowna moving company that will handle your move from start to finish, leaving no box unturned, Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage is the one for you, and it doesn’t matter what your moving needs might be.

They have been in the moving industry for over 15 years and have had a profound impact on the residents of Kelowna by providing top-notch moving services that you probably won’t enjoy anywhere else.

Damage or loss of items hardly happens with these guys because they have a safety policy that guarantees safe handling, transport, and delivery of your precious possessions with no excuse whatsoever. 

Customers prefer them because of the high standard and expectations that underlie their operations and how they associate with their customers. They want every customer to feel at home even before embarking on the move.

Their team of well-trained and qualified employees is always on-time for the job and listens to every request the client may have before, during, and after the move has been made.

To make the move more of a breeze and less of a chore, they use a very simple and transparent booking process where all you have to do is to request a free quote and fill in the necessary details about the job and you will get a response almost immediately with a breakdown of everything you will need to have in place to make the relocation hassle-free and exciting for both you and the mover.

Customer Reviews

“The customer service was excellent. They were very reasonably priced. “Almost 2 Easy Moving & Storage” worked extremely hard to pack our house, and got it done faster than their estimates. The unloading was efficient and nothing was damaged!” – Alex Jones

“The most reliable Kelowna moving company!!! I’ve hired them for multiple trades, and every time their service was magnificent. Every one of their employees, from the moment they started packing to the very end of my move, was respectful, kind, and very hard working. Almost 2 of them offered me a very fair price with no unexpected costs. They were careful when moving and packing all of my personal possessions. I also used those heavy duty plastic reusable containers, this is way more sustainable and durable than any cardboard box in my opinion.” – Jolyon Attic



Local and long-distance moves



1100-1631 Dickson Ave,

Kelowna, BC


Phone: +1 250-861-3400



Monday to Friday: 7 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm

Sunday: Closed

AAA Best Rates Movers are professionals in the moving industry who have served and are still serving customers across Canada for the past 15 years to date. They aim to provide all your relocation needs including (but not limited to) packing, storage, and delivery. They can do more than expected just to see that you move into your new home with no headaches.

Basically, they want you to not have any reason to hire more than one moving company since you can have all your moving needs attended to by them. 

They are licensed and insured and their rates are totally affordable because of their cost-effective way of charging clients for every move. For a local move within Kelowna and around West Kelowna, you will be charged by the hour.

The payment for long-distance moves, on the other hand, are hourly based and they will make sure you enjoy every single dollar you invest into hiring them as your choice moving company.

This payment that you are going to make will cover all the equipment that will be used on-site, the FREE shrink-wrapping materials, and FREE wardrobe boxes (a maximum of 2 per move) that you can use to make sure all your items are packed and loaded accordingly.

They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and treat every item that belongs to their clients like it’s their personal property. And, therefore, take full responsibility for every damage or misplacement that may occur during the move.

You can definitely count on AAA Best Rates Movers to deliver as promised in every move without little to no room for disappointment.

Customer Reviews

“We recently used AAA for our move from Lake Country to Vernon. We got a few estimates and chose AAA because Anesh was responsive, pleasant to deal with, and arranged for Ron to come to our house on short notice to give us an accurate and transparent estimate. We also used AAA’s packing services – Linda and Alena were professional, thorough, and super efficient. I’ve been unpacking for a few days and it’s obvious these ladies have been at this for a while! Highly recommend it. The movers arrived on time and were excellent to deal with. They worked efficiently as a team, despite the hot and humid weather. Overall I was very impressed. We will definitely use these guys again.” – Rye Mikalwood

“A superior moving company. Best company I’ve ever used. Anesh came out promptly, gave me a quote, and was able to schedule my move on short notice. Justin and Pawan arrived right on time and they did the move efficiently without any issues. They were laid back but very professional. It is a pleasure to deal with them. Can’t give a higher recommendation to this company.” – Paul Chinn

3. Bekins Moving & Storage


Full Service Local Moving

Piano Moving

Hot Tub Moving

Pool Table Moving

Vehicle Moving

Last Minute Moving

Commercial Moving

Safe Moving

Industrial Equipment Moving

Full Service Long Distance Moving

Moving Within BC

Moving To/From Alberta

Moving Within Canada

Moving Overseas & International

Packing & Storage



8860 Jim Bailey Crescent #1, Kelowna, BC V4V 2L7, Canada


Phone: +1 250-766-1966



Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am – 4:30 pm

Moving services: 24/7/365

The Kelowna branch of the Bekins moving & storage company was formed in 2015 when Nathan Miller, with over 20 years of experience in the moving industry working in several positions, finally shifted his company from Nathan’s moving to what we now know today as Bekins Kelowna Moving & Storage.

And since then, it has grown to become a moving company with over 50 collections of moving equipment, a 25,000 sqr ft warehouse in Kelowna, and a workforce of 35 well-trained individuals. Nathan and the team pride themselves on their ability to foster the Bekins’ age-long commitment to delivering an all-inclusive, top-quality moving service to the beautiful people of Kelowna even if it’s at the eleventh hour.

They offer a variety of moving and storage solutions to both residential and commercial clients and are also one of the few movers who provide special item moves such as piano, hot tub, gun safe move, industrial equipment, and more.

When it comes to credibility, they are accredited and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are also members of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM.) 

The Bekins Moving & Storage company gives their all to bring out the best in every moving experience without compromising quality across North America and around the world. Wherever the destination may be, the guys at the Bekins moving & storage are available to make it a memorable relocation without any stress.

Customer Reviews

“The movers arrived on time and were very efficient in moving the furniture etc. into the storage unit.  The movers were friendly and asked the right question as we self-packed.  Furniture was protected by wrapping blankets.  We were very satisfied with the service.” – Margaret Waterhouse

“Dean and his team were beyond kind and professional to my Mum when she moved. Not being there to help her was hard for me to deal with, but throughout the moving day she would tell me how phenomenally helpful they were to her and it made me feel so much better about it all. She was blown away by their care, their efficiency, and their empathy. I think our family has found a moving company we will all depend on in the future.” – Beck T

4. Packrat Movers


Residential & Commercial Moving

Local & Long Distance Moving

Moving Supplies



593 S Crest Dr, Kelowna, BC V1W 4Y6, Canada


+1 250-869-7479


Open 24/7

Packrat Movers are well known for their customized moving, packing, and storage solutions that fit well into your schedule and budget. They’ve been in the industry for over 12 years with a remarkable track record of providing only high-quality services to the beautiful people of Kelowna.

They are licensed and insured for local and long-distance moves within and outside Kelowna. Their primary goal is to make sure customers enjoy a stress-free and affordable move by bringing professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail into every job no matter the size.

Customer satisfaction is a number priority to the guys at Packrat Movers and they go above and beyond expectations to make it a reality for all their customers. Their principle is simple:

Quality Over All. 

And to achieve the industry-standard level of competence and quality in service, they engage in regular training for their employees in the area of safety and establishing integrity on every job. They do not turn down any project but step up to the challenge and deliver an outstanding moving experience for their customers.

We highly recommend them because they pay rapt attention to all the moving and storage needs of their clients so that they can be able to come up with a custom solution that’s stress-free and enjoyable to the fullest.

Customer Reviews

“These guys rock! They have moved me 4 times now and each time they are prompt, energetic, friendly, hard workers, excellent movers, and professionals! Jamie and his crew are excellent! I would highly recommend Packrat Movers! Thanks, guys!”- Dan T

“Matt and Antonio showed up and as soon as the truck was set up they were at it right away. I had a small 2 bedroom suite worth moving and although they did go over it for 3 hours, the new place had a flight and a half of stairs that wasn’t the easiest to maneuver with large items. I’ll recommend these guys to anyone moving who wants to hire a solid crew that really hustles 🙂 Thanks, guys.” – Lyle Amyotte

5. Okanagan Packing & Moving


Residential moves (local and long-distance) and packing services



2813 Monford Rd, Kelowna, BC V1V 2G4, Canada


+1 250-808-3485


Monday to Saturday: 8:30 am – 6 pm

Sunday: 9:30 am – 4 pm

The Okanagan packing and moving company started in 2011 and ever since, they’ve been able to help clients move within the town and across the west area (BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan included.)

They understand how important and valuable your belongings are to you and in that regard, go above and beyond to ensure they arrive at your final destination safely without any scratch.

They are big believers in a flexible schedule and try to make it a part and parcel of their work and how effective they attend to the needs of their clients. If your move is anywhere in the Central Okanagan, Okanagan packing and moving is a great option to consider for a stress-free moving experience.

When it comes to providing their services, they always overdeliver in the sense that even after helping you pack and load your items in their truck, they will still help you to tidy up the resident and also give you a hand to organize your garage at your new home!

They are fully insured which simply means you don’t have to worry about any of your properties going missing or broken. And as a client, you get free customer consultation before every move so that the company can better understand the project and what it entails which will in turn help them come up with the best approach to take to give you the best experience ever.

The best part is that there are no hidden or extra fees at all and as a senior, you get a 10% discount on every move. That’s pretty amazing, to say the least.

They are definitely a mover you should consider when you are preparing for your next move.

Customer Reviews

“These guys came through for us at the last minute when the movers we booked bailed on us. They were super professional, and Bill in particular made sure that the truck was packed perfectly, and that everything was handled carefully. I’ll use them for any future moves for sure!” – Joelle C

“We had a great experience with Okanagan packing and moving. Firstly, their flexibility and hourly rate were better than the competition. On the morning of our move, there was a huge snowstorm. The owner came early and helped me to shovel. We had a group of three movers, and they quickly loaded the truck. They were very friendly and helpful. The unloading process went even more smoothly. I’m very happy we chose this company. I don’t foresee moving again in the near future, but if I do, I’m 100% going to hire them again.” – Corey D’souza

6. AMJ Campbell


Home moving, Home delivery, office moving, storage solutions, international moving, specialized logistics



2662 Compass Ct, West Kelowna, BC V1X 3P3, Canada


Phone: +1 250-769-7974



Monday to Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm

Sunday: Closed

AMJ Campbell has been helping Canadians move their homes and offices since 1934 and so far they’ve been able to successfully accomplish over a million plus moves both locally and internationally.

They’ve also grown to become customer’s favorite and Canada’s (Kelowna in particular) largest coast-to-coast moving company for over 60 years (and counting.) At the center of everything they do lies customer satisfaction and they don’t mind going out of their way to fulfill a need of the client even if it’s a last-minute request.

To book their services, you can either call their customer line or get a free estimate by simply filling in the details of your project on their website. They derive their fulfillment from helping customers relocate to their new homes without any issues or necessarily needing to break the bank.

Customer Reviews

“From start to finish, friendly professional service.  The two gentlemen who delivered our goods were the best.  The steep driveway did not allow the trailer to park near our house (100′ driveway) so they had to make multiple trips up and down with no complaints and great attitudes.  Would recommend them to anyone.” – Doug Weber

“Dealt with Mathieu in Ottawa who steered the mighty ship mighty fine for our voyage across Canada from Orleans, Ontario to Vernon, British Columbia… Special thanks to the packing crew, a family of four, and the great teamwork of Tim, Nick, and Spencer. we thought this was their top A-team, having gelled for several weeks; absolutely not the case, but they certainly appeared to be a well-oiled machine of muscle, methodology, and motivation. We highly recommend AMJ Campbell. Do as they say: They know what they’re doing.” – Jeff Gregory

7. Great Little Moving Company


Small, medium, and large moves, office moves, junk removal, storage solutions



395 Adams Rd Unit #6, Kelowna, BC V1V 7R5, Canada


+1 250-317-9916


Monday to Friday: 9 am – 4:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 2 pm

Sunday: Closed

The Great Little Moving company is one of the best and most trusted movers out there. Matter of fact, the foundation of the entire company, from staff up to the management level, was built with trust as the centerpiece.

No job is too small or too big for them. They handle a small project with the same dexterity and professionalism they apply to a big project. The goal at the end of the day is to make every move a memorable one for their clients.

The team is made up of smart, well-organized individuals with exceptional communication skills. To the Great Little Moving company, every item that belongs to their customers is considered to be of significant value and so they handle everything with care like it’s their own.

They made it to our list because of the way they approach their work which puts trust at the forefront. First impressions matter a great deal to them and as a result, they work with you every step of the way so that you can have a stress-free and unforgettable moving experience that you can boast about to your friends and family.

Customer Reviews

“Very impressed.  The Crew of 5 was on time, efficient in their efforts, and clearly enjoyed both their job and working together as a team.  They were respectful and courteous.  I chose this moving company based on other positive reviews, and would absolutely recommend them.  The owner, David, was excellent in his communications and his estimate was spot on.” – Ian Robertson

“J & T arrived on time and were the best!  They were careful in how they packed the truck and respectful of my items. Helpful, courteous, and easy to work with. It was a great experience and very reasonable in price.  I would definitely use the Great Little Moving Company again  and will be referring them to my friends and family.” – Tracy Catlin

8. BigSteelBox


Local & Long Distance Moving and storage solutions



880 Dalton Rd, Kelowna, BC V1X 2P9,  Canada


+1 250-763-9660, 1-800-373-1187


Monday to Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

The BigSteelBox branch in Kelowna embodies all the qualities that make up the entire organization with storage houses at different corners of the world. They offer portable and affordable storage container rentals and sales, alongside top-notch moving services to customers throughout the Central Okanagan region.

Perhaps, what you need is a business storage service, the guys at BigSteelBox can handle that too. From commercial to construction job sites, they will transport your storage unit and deliver it whenever and wherever you need it as soon as possible without keeping you waiting for too long.

They make moving and storage a more enjoyable event in the life of customers rather than a stressful and dreadful experience. They are licensed and insured which means you can be confident that your belongings are in safe hands and will be delivered to you in the same condition they were when they left your former residence.

Customer Reviews

“These guys have been SO good to me! Shout out to Brooks in the booking department for going above and beyond for me and the guys in the yard for making it happen. Under a very stressful real estate transaction that is going very very wrong these guys helped me with extremely short notice to offset my box being moved to the house I am supposed to own but now do not. They have been the easiest place to work with and even though they had very little wiggle room to accommodate this, a team of wonderful people went above and beyond what they needed to do to take a little stress off my life and I know that is a company that I want to support and work with and if it was my guys would have big cheers and give a big thank you too for making our clients feel the way these guys made me feel! Thanks!” – Drewella Music

“I would like to say that big steel was amazing. The girls on the phone and the guys who did the delivery were professional and extremely helpful.

I was going through an extremely stressful time and moving wasn’t helping. Big steel made my stress level come down to zero. I can’t say enough great things about this company. This was our second time using them and both times had been an amazing experience

Thank you big steel!!!” – Darlene Kohout

9. Get Movers


House Moving

Condo and apartment moving

Packing Service

Storage Services

Manpower only

Furniture transportation

Appliances Moving services

Piano Moving Process

Junk removal

Senior moving

Student Moving

Antique and art moving

Packaging materials

Commercial moving



160 Kelowna-Rock Creek Hwy, Kelowna, BC V1X 2Y7, Canada


Phone: +1 604-998-8054



Monday to Friday: 8 am – 10 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

Recognized as one of the most successful and affordable moving companies in Canada, GetMovers, since 2008, have consistently reached and exceeded customers expectations on every job and project.

Their team of professional movers makes them one of the best moving companies you can hire to handle all your moving needs without you having to worry about anything at all. They take full responsibility for whatever happens throughout the move and also make sure you enjoy a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Their price is completely fair and affordable and takes into consideration all your needs without leaving anyone out no matter what. So, if you want to relocate your home or your business to a new place, on-time and with 100% safety, GetMovers is a great option to consider.

Customer Reviews

“We had two crews help us fill a pod with our very heavy furniture. They also moved some other heavy articles to their storage space. They had excellent attitudes, worked hard, and were polite. We highly recommend them and will definitely use them to unload the pod!” – Elmar Snoei

“GetMovers was incredible!! They were efficient, extremely professional, friendly, and very careful with our belongings! We were almost surprised by how smooth and easy the moving process was because of them. They were right on time and brought everything they needed with them. They even had a carpet to lay down so the floor wouldn’t get scratched! I would definitely use this company again and have been recommending them to everyone we know who is moving. Thank you for making our move so easy!!!” – Rosana Belly

10. Two Small Men With Big Hearts, Kelowna


Local moves, long-distance moves, packing services, special item transport, stop services, shop packing supplies.



2670 Enterprise Way #1, Kelowna, BC V1X 7J6, Canada


+1 250-861-5030


Monday to Friday: 7 am – 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8 am – 4:30 pm

Also known as movers with a heart. The two Small Men with big hearts put their heart and soul into making sure their clients walk out the door with a big smile on their faces.

They do so by offering a seamless, stress-free, and positive moving experience no matter the size or scope of the project. In every move, their goal is to take all your concerns and place them on their shoulders so that the only thing that will be on your mind is an incredible adventure waiting for you ahead.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise in the industry serving clients from different walks of life, rest assured they’ve seen and done it all! 

Is it a residential move you are about to make or a commercial move? Or, do you need storage services? The two Small Men with big hearts got you covered in all areas from start to finish.

Now, pair that level of experience with a compassionate and professional team and there’s absolutely no way that you can go wrong if you decide to choose the two Small Men with big hearts.

What we love about this moving company is their unique and dynamic work approach that takes into full account every single need the client may have plus, creating a custom solution for the specific needs of individual clients because, obviously, no two clients are the same.

They are definitely a moving company worth checking out whenever you are in the market looking for a mover to hire.

Customer Reviews

“Our move from our condo to our house went very smoothly.  From the quick response for a quote, rescheduling dates of our move to the guys wrapping the furniture, loading, and unloading.  The team of three that came for the move, were extremely efficient, friendly, and professional.  We highly recommend using Two Small Men with Big Hearts!  We couldn’t be happier with our experience!” – L Clark

“Despite some logistical challenges our two movers were hard-working, efficient, careful, and had great attitudes. We had some large and awkward pieces of furniture they maneuvered out of our own home and into our new one without complaint or damage. They made the move so much easier, we never want to move without using the services of a mover again. And when I researched and compared quotes they had the best value for your money, even better!” – Jean Strong

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company in Calgary

These are the things you want to check on your list before even considering hiring a mover:


Most times the entire experience during a move, either stressful or stress-free, is in the hands of the customer and not the moving company.

Therefore, the first thing to do is enquire to see if the mover you plan to hire can still accommodate you in their schedule (which is often busy) on the date you want to make the move. Most movers encourage customers to book an appointment weeks before the main moving day.

They do so because it will help both parties to properly prepare to ensure the move goes as planned and there are no problems along the way.


Second, find out about the fleet of the company and if the trucks they have can contain all your belongings when it’s time to load them up.

If all you are moving is a small item that won’t take too much space, a mover with a truck that can contain the item should be the one you hire.

But, if the project is a large one that involves, let’s say a grand piano set, you’ll need to make sure the company’s truck is big enough for the piano to fit inside and still have enough space to avoid direct contact with the walls of the boot.

And, also, make sure the movers know how to arrange items in an orderly manner rather than stuffing everything up in the back of the truck.

Types of moves

Next, you should try to consider whether or not the mover has what it takes to cover the distance you need to travel to get to your final destination.

We’ve come to find out that there have been situations where a customer is disappointed on the main day of the move after learning that the company can’t cover the distance leading to the new place they are relocating to.

And this happens more often in long-distance moves. So, to avoid a situation like that that can stall your moving plans, do your research and find out as much about the company as possible and whether or not they offer long-distance moving service and how far they can travel.

Coverage services

Here, you would want to find out how much of the work involved in successfully making the move can the moving company do. The reason why this is important is that most movers only pick up your items, load them up in their truck and deliver them to your final destination. And that’s it! Nothing more.

So, if you are someone who feels that’s not enough and you want the mover to also do the packing and unpacking of your items, then you will have to look for movers who offer those services as part of the moving package and not separately.

Luckily, all the moving companies we covered in our top 10 list above are well known for always exceeding customers’ expectations so you don’t have to worry about a thing because they offer a full moving services package without leaving anything out.

Credibility and reputation

The mover you choose to move with must have a license and insurance that allows them to provide moving services to people in that country. A moving company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is enough evidence to show its credibility. 

Online reviews from Google will also help you to discover the reputation of the moving company you have in mind. How previous clients talk about a moving company goes a long way to tell you about the quality of their service more than the words you’ll find on their website.

Because, in a real sense, as a first-time customer you are yet to use their services, but a previous customer has used it (sometimes, more than once) and knows very well how the move went, the attitude of the team from the start to the very end, and if the move is deserving of a positive review or not.

Don’t skip this part because it might as well be the one requirement that determines whether you’ll enjoy a hassle-free move or a frustrating moving experience.

And that’s the reason why we’ve added reviews to all the moving companies highlighted in this article to show you what other people are saying about them so that you can make an informed decision that you won’t regret at the end of the day.


Price is a principal factor in every move and as a customer who wants the best and nothing but the best, you must always consider the pricing options of the moving company and compare it with your budget to see if it’s affordable or not.

Most moving companies are not as expensive as you may think they are. Most times, all you need to do to be able to afford them without breaking the bank is for you to thoroughly work on your budget and weigh it with the available pricing option of the moving company.

Luckily, all the movers we listed in this article all have affordable pricing. But, still, we advise that you visit the website of any moving company you want to hire to see what they offer and how they do things. Plus, you can also call a customer service representative if you have any questions or need more information.

How To Prepare For A Move

  1. Schedule the move beforehand and always have a contingency plan in place as well.
  2. Reach out to third-party helpers and insurance companies to secure a spot on their calendar ahead of the day you intend to move. This is a very crucial step.
  3. Pack early and do it in an orderly fashion where similar items are packed and labeled together, and fragile items are put in a place where they won’t get damaged during transportation.
  4. Finally, prepare your budget, and don’t forget to include any extra costs that may come up during the moving process. Insurance and tips should also be included in your budget to leave no room for surprises on the day of the move.

FAQs about Movers and Moving Services In Kelowna

Moving to Kelowna is not just a good idea but a brilliant idea that you won’t regret one bit. Kelowna is arguably a great place to move to. If great weather, an active lifestyle, and all-around high quality of life are what you dream of having, Kelowna should be at the top of your list.

Here are seven suggestions you definitely need to check out: Glenmore, Southeast Kelowna, Upper Mission, Lower Mission, Lakeview Heights, Shannon Lake, and Glenrosa. These places are full of wonderful sights and aesthetic settings that they are even tourist attraction centers.

Besides the cost, the second most important thing is that you work with a trusted moving company that’s not only after your money but your 100% satisfaction. That said, if the mover you hire is a good and reputable company, moving from Vancouver to Kelowna will cost you around  $2,500-$4,500+ on average from start to finish.


So, there you have it, the list of the top 10 affordable and best moving companies you can find in Kelowna. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a local, long-distance, office, or special item move. The movers listed above are always available to help you out in a seamless and stress-free way.

Now, with this list, all that remains for you is to simply pick one out of the 10, and presto! You are on your way to your new home or office. 

Do you have any favorite mover that you think deserves to be on this list? Leave us a message below about them and we’ll be happy to review them, too!